Exhibitions 展覧会について

“Will+s Exhibition 2022”, December 7-13, Seibu Ikebukuro Honten, Tokyo

We are pleased to present the 7th Will+s Exhibition.
In 2016, the young artists of Soga-kai group and Sogo & Seibu Co., Ltd have jointly launched the new exhibition. Named “Will+s”, it aims to voice artists’ and our will to the world. This has realized through the cooperation between the young artists who are highly motivated in presenting their works in the pursuit of their own arts and Sogo & Seibu which has been promoting cutting-edge artworks.
Total 36 artworks of Soga-kai members and young artists have participated for this exhibition among which the best artwork was awarded.
We wish you would enjoy the exhibition very much.


                                                                                                                                                                 賛助出品(五十音順・敬称略)                                                               石原 孟、海老 洋、加藤 良造、程塚 敏明、牧野 一穗 

                                                     招待出品(五十音順・敬称略)                                                               重政 周平、高橋 希和、髙橋 まり子、長澤 耕平、藤野 麻由羅、伊東 春香                                                                                                                                                 

一般出品予定作家(五十音順・敬称略)                                                             青木 明日香、青山 桂子、大嶋 直哉、加藤 丈史、喜多 祥泰、木村 みな、佐藤 加歩、下村 進、神保 千絵、田尾 憲司、田村 幸帆、陳 芃宇、手嶋 遥、新倉 佳奈子、西田 知世、野村 直子、早瀬 玲、土方 朋子、前田 由芽、増田 沙織、松岡 学、蓬田 阿哉、李 雨晨、林 銘君、渡邊 美波