「ハレノヒ」 変形(540×1300mm)


This will be the solo exhibition of TAKAHASHI, Mariko, an associate member of the Soga-kai art group, who won the “2019 Will+s Exhibition Award”.
The natural view which has never been changed from the past is painted with a dry painting touch. As her landscape painting has a solid atmosphere, we can see the artist’s bold will for the creation. The feeling of nostalgia comes together with that of emptiness. The blue sky embraces both the emptiness and the creativity.
About 20 pieces of new artworks will be on view. We hope you enjoy the exhibition.

With the cooperation of Sogo & Seibu Co. Ltd. and young artists from the Soga-kai group, the exhibition “Will+s” has started. This was supported by the keen thought of Sogo & Seibu Art Dept. and the artists to launch the art exhibition in order to widely introduce their will to the public.
This year’s exhibition commemorates its 6th anniversary. 34 artists from Soga-kai, among them are young voluntary members, have exhibited their artworks and the best work will be awarded. All the artworks are available for viewing.

Tokyo University of the Arts Japanese Painting studio where professors and students inspire each other to improve for “creating new traditions”. The exhibition is the overall introduction of the studio today.
The important artworks of the leading professors are exhibited while the exhibit answers to the general questions such as: Nihonga, what’s it all about?
We are pleased to show the important materials/tools of nihonga in the exhibition so that we could make all the nihonga fans, people who see nihonga for the first time and young people who are interested in Tokyo University of the Arts satisfied.